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Building Automation

The right Building Automation System (BAS) is integral to streamlining operations and making your facility comfortable, safe, and cost-effective. Commercial Controls Group provides a full-blown, fully customizable, fully programmable system that makes it easy for facility managers to control environments efficiently and intelligently to meet the needs of people learning, working, shopping, and living in them. With a streamlined workflow, the team operates quickly and allowing to precious time to be allocated elsewhere.

Controls System Design, Installation, Service and Maintenance

When it comes to control system design requirements, it’s important to look at the big picture, focusing on specific automation challenges and developing solutions to optimize your overall control processes. We partner with you and take a holistic design approach to understanding the nature of your control processes and how your present control system is designed. We review your long- and short-term automation system objectives and criteria. We can help you identify ways an updated or new control system design can successfully deliver increased reliability to your process, as well as improve system efficiency and productivity moving forward. 

Controls Programming & Commissioning

Commercial Controls Group, Incorporated uses a standardized approach to commissioning systems to ensure that the system performs as expected and per project requirements. These standards can be tailored to the specific needs of your project.

Energy Management

Energy optimization and utility usage reductions are key to increasing manufacturing profitability and supporting sustainability initiatives. In virtually every industry, energy utilities account for a high percentage of the monthly operating expense. If your facility is a heavy energy consumer you probably feel enormous pressure to reduce costs by making your manufacturing process more energy efficient. Commercial Controls Group, Incorporated can help identify areas of suboptimal energy efficiency and outline changes in practices, process or technology that will enable improvement – and then we will help you implement those changes so you will recognize an immediate return on investment (ROI).

Systems Integration (New and Retrofit)

The occupants shouldn’t be able to tell where one system ends and another begins when it comes to their safety and comfort as they move throughout your facility, nor should you while you are managing those systems. Commercial Controls Group, Incorporated takes great pride in blending systems together to form a robust facility management system. We aim to facilitate the sharing of information between systems and remove the barriers that normally exist between different manufacturers and system types. In addition to air conditioning equipment we extend your reach to lighting, irrigation, energy monitoring, and any other system in your building that you would like to schedule, monitor, react to, or manipulate based on your specific criteria. Let us show you what we can do.

Retrofit and New Installations

Commercial Controls Group, Incorporated has extensive experience in providing retrofit upgrades to installed systems within a wide variety of industries. We will provide retrofits, systems upgrades, and parts replacements on all types of automation machinery, even if we did not build the original machine, or the part that needs to be retrofitted did not come from Commercial Controls Group, Incorporated or is no longer in production.

The installation of an automated system can represent a significant long-term investment for any company. For this reason, manufacturers should always consider the long-term life plan of their machinery. Product line extensions or performance improvements can often be implemented through bolt-on machine extensions and/or retrofit upgrades, thereby extending the life of a machine or system.

Machines might be retrofitted for a variety of reasons: component handling equipment replacement, re-tooling of a machine for a new product, addition of a new station in the cycle, process or part loading, or upgrade of the control system hardware and software. In addition, a manufacturer might want a machine retrofitted in some way that will make it safer, more robust, or more user friendly.


We design systems that last, whatever the future holds. We are your business partner for the long haul, and will support you all along the way. 

From single loop device control to large-scale system-wide integrated controls, Commercial Controls Group, Incorporated’s engineering services can assist you to meet your most demanding design needs. 

Remote Support

Commercial Controls Group, Incorporated provides an extensive support program for our clients including: technical resources, project support, extended system coverage, maintenance services, telephone support and technical expertise. To log a support request please call us or fill out the support form on our support page.

Critical Environments

Industry experience is so important that we include industry business experts in every customer project. We’re continually developing and refining our understanding of the automation landscape specific to your industry.

Lighting & Occupancy Control

Existing facilities are given a new life with our modern lighting systems. We create unique solutions for each facility, taking into account their natural lighting and hours of operation. Our lighting and occupancy control systems are energy-efficient, and our controls let you remotely manage the entire system for countless buildings. We help you be more sustainable and save energy, time, and money.

Project Management

We thoroughly assess each facility from the get-go to create a tailor-made solution. We consider sustainability standards, lifecycle costs, and the latest technology to craft the best approach to see you from concept to completion. We are committed to your satisfaction and see the project through completion.

“In our school district we currently have I‐Vu installed and service by Commercial Controls Group, Incorporated in 12 of our buildings. Their customer service is second to none. When I or any of my staff need Technical support, Commercial Controls Group, Incorporated is always willing to assist us. Their staff is experienced and knowledgeable. The graphics are easy to use and vital tool to my team when trouble shooting mechanical issues. The quality of their work during the installation is clean and neat. I am pleased with the service and the workmanship the district gets from Commercial Controls Group, Incorporated.”

Seth Scruggs

HVAC Supervisor, Bibb County School District

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